The 7-Weight Rod for Simple Fly Fishing

November 7, 2018

If you haven’t tried fly fishing yet, what’s stopping you? Maybe you had a conversation with an experienced fly angler and walked away feeling befuddled by the array of rod weights and types of lines. Don’t worry, fly fishing really isn’t that complicated. Sure, it takes practice, but so does any other fishing technique.

Collaboration With Reilly Rod Crafters

Following feedback from the fishing community, I teamed up with Chris Reilly of Reilly Rod Crafters to design a fly rod that embodies a philosophy of uncomplicated ease. Chris and I both understand the importance of supporting anglers at every skill level, so we created the 7-weight Debbie Hanson Signature Series fly rod. This rod offers anglers the versatility for pursuing a variety of species, from largemouth bass in a backyard pond to redfish in the backcountry. In fact, it’s the only rod you need for most of the fishing you’ll do.

Debbie Hanson Signature Series Fly Rod Features

The metallic aqua blue 4-piece rod comes with a rod sock and purple plastic tube for easy transport to your favorite fishing spots. Pair it with a 7-weight floating fly line and you’ll be casting quicker than you can say “Shefishes2!”

  • Multi-modulus graphite blank: In simple terms, this means that different types of graphite are used in different parts of the blank to combine the aspects of each material as to which performs best.
  • Medium-fast progressive taper that provides even distribution of energy
  • Priced at $289
  • Flor-grade cork grip: In other words, the highest grade of cork used for rod crafting.
  • Titanium stripping guides (salt-ready hardware)
  • Thread wraps at 16″ and 20″ for quick catch measurements
  • Complete lifetime warranty

Debbie Hanson Signature Series Ordering

Reilly Rod Crafters Signature Series rods include designs by fly fishing legends Stu Apte, Chuck Kraft, and Joe Mahler. For more information or to order the Debbie Hanson Signature Series visit (use code “DH57” at checkout for 10% off).