Why You Should Keep a Fishing Log

April 3, 2013


Almost every angler has a personal set of theories on what causes the bite turn on at a specific time and why. I’ve heard many fishermen and fisherwomen debate about this for hours on end. I personally feel that changes in atmospheric pressure and lunar phases have an pronounced impact on fish behavior. However, each fishery is unique and influenced by a variety of factors. I’d suggest keeping a “fishing log” if you plan to continue honing your angling skills. It’s simple. All you need is a pocket notebook or your smart phone notepad. Set up categories, such as the below, and then take down notes about what works for you on which days and what doesn’t.

  • Day, month, year
  • Water conditions and weather (including pressure and lunar phases)
  • Species targeting
  • Habitat or fishery location
  • Type of baits used
  • Techniques used (jigging, casting, etc.)
  • External factors (other wildlife or invasive species present, water pollution, etc)

The benefit of keeping a log is that you can review your recorded data over months or years to track patterns. When you start to notice consistent patterns (example: a certain bait working particularly well on cloudy days or consistent slow fishing in an area during a time of steady pressure), you can change up your strategy based on the facts and actual data.