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Capt. Debbie Hanson – Estero, Florida

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Great day freshwater fishing with Captain Debbie landing two large peacock bass along with a variety of other fish. She is professional and knowledgeable taking the time and using her expertise to ensure the clients fish the right spots with the right techniques. This was my second trip with Captain Debbie. Having my son experience quality freshwater Florida fishing was a memorable experience for both of us.

Doug and David Cedras


Captain Debbie did a terrific job of putting me on fish, and getting my flies out of the vegetation when I missed my casts. She had top notch fly fishing gear which was a pleasure to use. We had much good conversation and many laughs during the afternoon. If you want a really fun freshwater fishing trip in SW Florida, I strongly urge you to get in touch with Debbie and book a trip with her.

Jamie Gold


Debbie is a great captain and fishing instructor. My friend and I sincerely enjoyed our trip and her expertise. John is a long time fisherman with a lot of experience. On the way home he commented that he learned new skills from her both in technique and gear set up.

Doug Cedras


Without a doubt Captain Debbie provided the most comprehensive information our group has ever heard about catching trophy Florida strain bass. Everyone I talked to agreed she was the best speaker we’ve had.

I hope many of our members get an opportunity to fish with her. She provides a sterling example for all of us not only to fish but to learn everything we can about this fantastic outdoor sport.

Clyde Torp, Windstar Fishing Club


Last spring my friend and I went bass fishing on Lake Babcock with Captain Debbie. We had a great day and caught several fish, including one big one! She taught us several different techniques, and use of different baits. She also worked hard to make sure Melissa and I both caught fish!

Karen Snow

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There are two things you need to do if you ever get the chance, work with Debbie, and fish with Debbie. A great professional at both and incredible fun to be around. I worked with Debbie for a couple of years in her professional capacity as an outdoors lady. she is articulate, credible and engaging across the board. More recently I had the opportunity to enjoy her coaching and guiding skills. She put me in touch with some specimen freshwater fish on the fly, and we had an awesome time. If you ever get the opportunity, don’t miss the opportunity to do at least one of these things with her!

Chris Atkinson

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I had Captain Debbie speak at a Fishing Club dinner and I went out with her as a fishing guide. Debbie is outstanding! She takes great care to ensure every interaction exceeds your expectation. Her knowledge of SW Florida fishing species and locations is unparalleled. As a guide she ensures you both catch and learn something new about the fish you are hunting. I would highly recommend Captain Debbie without reservation. If you get a chance to contract with her as a guide, get ready for a fun and highly productive day. Without question she is my favorite guide.

Ed Burghard, Legends Fishing Club

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