6 Accessories Every Woman Boater Should Have

November 9, 2012

A lady never needs an excuse to accessorize — either on or off the water. In fact, when fishing or boating, a few extra bells and whistles can make life a lot easier. Here are six accessories we think every female boater should keep handy:

1. Boat cover. Boat covers help keep vessels looking great and running smoothly. When storing your boat during the off-season, protect your investment with a semi-custom or custom cover to keep your watercraft clean and critter-free. Boat covers also protect against fading, cracking, mold and moisture damage.

2. Waterproof cell phone case. We all know that a cell phone is a woman’s lifeline when she’s on the water. It’s more than just a way to update your social networking account – the GPS tracking and ability to call for help are invaluable. With a waterproof cell phone case, you won’t have to worry about your cell phone accidentally getting wet.

3. Shatterproof wine glasses. Whether you’re headed out for a romantic excursion or simply fishing with friends, a glass of wine adds a touch of class to any outing. With a set of reusable, shatterproof wine glasses, you can kick back and sip your favorite vino without worrying about choppy water tipping over your glass.

4. First aid kit. An essential for every boater, a first aid kit in a waterproof carrier is one accessory you’ll never regret carrying. You can purchase a pre-made kit or make one yourself with these essentials: signal mirror, LED light, antiseptic, waterproof bandages, butterfly bandages, cloth bandage for sprains, gauze, medical tape, rescue beacon with GPS, reflective tape, bilge pump, paddle float, paddle leash, boat sponge, whistle, sunscreen, first aid instructions, first aid cream, over-the-counter pain relievers, latex gloves and an instant cold pack.

5. Moisture-wicking clothes. Out on the water, the weather can quickly change, so it’s important to have clothes you can layer. Apparel made from moisture-wicking material is lightweight and dries quickly if it gets wet. At minimum, keep handy a moisture-wicking layer for the base, an insulating layer to stay warm and a waterproof outer layer that helps keep out the chill of the water and wind.

6. Women’s boat shoes. A woman shouldn’t have to resort to those un-fashion-friendly rubber boat shoes. Instead, keep your style intact with a pair of water-resistant, slip-on leather boat shoes that resemble loafers in your favorite color or pattern. Look for shoes that are stain resistant, with non-marking rubber outsoles and good traction. If you’re a year-round boater even when the weather is chilly, consider sheepskin-lined boat shoes or a pair of posh, warm galoshes.

This guest blog post was provided by our friends at SavvyBoater.com, which carries a wide selection of boat covers, bimini tops, de-icers and boat propellers.