The Best Way to Learn How to Launch a Boat


Most of us outdoorsy types have been there — cringing behind the steering wheel of a pickup while a boyfriend, husband, fishing friend or other boating companion “coaches” us on the finer points of launching a boat by shouting the following words in full earshot of the other 5,000 people standing around the boat ramp: […]

Top 10 Tackle Box Basics

Freshwater Tackle Box

Whether you’re a beginning angler or a seasoned veteran who has been fishing for years, there are certain staples that you should always have in your tackle box. Check out this short list of tackle box basics that can help keep you organized and prepared for every bite. Line and Leader Material: Always have extra […]

How to Catch and Release with Care


With catch and release species, or any regulated fish that is outside the legal slot limit, proper handling is important. Learning how to properly handle and revive fish increases the likelihood that your catches will survive to continually build on the existing fishery. Here are four quick tips for minimizing stress and increasing the survival […]