How to Determine the Best Fishing Times

As you spend more time on the water, you’ll notice the influence that weather patterns, solunar periods, and tides have on fish behavior. These three factors are important when considering the best fishing times. If you do just a bit of homework regarding when and where to fish based on conditions, you’ll bump up your […]

How to Tie a Uni Knot

If you’re new to fishing and want to learn one basic fishing knot to start with, my recommendation is to learn how to tie the uni knot. The uni knot is a good multi-purpose fishing knot that can be used for attaching the fishing line to the arbor or spool of a reel, for joining […]

3 Steps To Saltwater Success With Artificial Shrimp

D.O.A. Shrimp

If you’re not quite convinced about making the switch from live shrimp to artificial shrimp, I’m challenging you to leave the live bait behind for just one day. Pick up a few artificial shrimp from your local tackle shop instead. You might not want to switch back once you do. One big advantage is that […]

5 Tips on Fishing Jerkbaits for Bass

bass fishing jerkbaits

If you talk to most any avid bass angler, they’ll tell you that fishing jerkbaits following a cold front can be a formula for big bass success in clear water conditions. Jerkbaits are a productive option in clear water when temperatures drop because they allow you to cover a considerable amount of water quickly, while […]

How To Choose The Right Reel Gear Ratio

Fishing Reel Gear Ratio

5.1:1? 6.2:1? Huh? You’re ready to buy a new freshwater fishing reel, but all the talk about gear ratio has you “reel-y” confused. You want to make sure you buy the right reel with the most appropriate gear ratio for the type of fishing you plan to do. Or, maybe you’re wondering which fishing techniques […]

How To Maximize Your Fishing Time Using Artificial Baits

artificial baits|smallmouth-bass-hanson

Artificial baits and lures, whether hard baits or soft plastics, can often be more productive than live baits when used to their full potential. These handy tackle box trinkets can allow you to explore new areas while using your trolling motor or while just drifting and casting. When you don’t have to spend a significant […]

Fundamental Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners

Unless you have a friend or family member who can give you some helpful advice, you might feel a bit confused about buying and selecting tackle for your first bass fishing adventure. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems. While experienced anglers will debate on tackle topics for hours, you’ll still have plenty […]

Why You Should Keep a Fishing Log


Almost every angler has a personal set of theories on what causes the bite turn on at a specific time and why. I’ve heard many fishermen and fisherwomen debate about this for hours on end. I personally feel that changes in atmospheric pressure and lunar phases have an pronounced impact on fish behavior. However, each […]

How To Catch A Tigerfish In Africa


Have you started your fishing bucket list yet? If so, there’s a country and a species that you may want to add after reading this post. Although my own quest to catch a tigerfish required a great deal of patience because we were only able to bring one fish to the boat in a four […]

How to Rig Shrimp for Saltwater Fishing

Not sure exactly how to rig a live shrimp? Don’t worry, it’s an easy enough saltwater fishing skill to learn. Besides, it’s one of the very best baits you can use for species like redfish and spotted seatrout. The first thing to remember is that your bait will bring on the most bites when lively […]