Love Fishing but Hate the Smell?

August 4, 2012

odor-off-handsoapIf you’re like me, you’ve tried a variety of things including lemon, hand sanitizer, Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo and toothpaste in an effort to remove the fish odor from your hands after a day on the water. However, none of the above ever seemed to do anything but a mediocre job of getting rid of the reeking remnants that our finned friends have a tendency to leave behind. So, when my friend Natalie and I happened upon the Odor-Off Hand Soap booth at ICAST, I definitely had my doubts.

I watched with a look of serious concern as the team from Blue Pacific Products told Nat to stick her hands in a huge bucket of stinky ass dead mullet in order to demonstrate. Better her than me. I just couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that we had an interview coming up with WFN. I silently prayed that when we met up with Mark Rubinstein and his video production team, Nat wouldn’t knock them out with the stench of dead mullet.

She proceeded to rub the bluish-gray goo around on her hands for a few minutes after touching the dead mullet mixture, and then promptly rinsed it off. We all stuck our noses up to her manicured fingers for the proof… and had to admit, it genuinely removed the stink.

What’s different about this hand soap? Odor-Off works by removing the lipids and proteins that cause the odor instead of simply masking it with perfumes or other scents. The product contains activated carbon that is encapsulated inside of visible black beads. The activated carbon chemically bonds to organic matter (in this case, the particles that cause the smell) through a process called adsorption, (spelled correctly and stronger than absorption) which eliminates the odor.

After rinsing the Odor-Off from your hands, the carbon is washed away, leaving your hands to be cleaned by the soap base. Odor-Off is also safer for the environment than other soaps or detergents since it’s manufactured using naturally derived biodegradable ingredients.

Odor-Off 1 ounce trial size bottle – $2.95

Odor-Off 6 ounce size bottle – $9.95