Why Keeping a Fishing Log is a Big Deal


Admittedly, there was a time when I didn’t put much effort into keeping a fishing log. I went to my favorite local fishing spots to catch a few and unwind. Sometimes I noted the solunar phase or barometric pressure, but the task of consistently keeping track of specific locations, weather conditions, catch rates, water depths, […]

How to Select Inshore Saltwater Fishing Gear

inshore saltwater fishing gear

Selecting inshore saltwater fishing gear doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think to pick out a starter set up for your saltwater fishing trips. There are just a few things you should consider before you making a purchase. First, know that the term “inshore fishing” refers […]

Treasure Cay White Marlin with George Poveromo

white-marlin-poveromo|white marlin

The past year blessed me with a few “oh my gosh, pinch me” fishing moments, but one particular memory of the Bahamian kind ranks near the top. While Florida has been home for nearly 20 years, I had never experienced a Gulf Stream crossing other than on a Carnival cruise ship (doesn’t count), never mind […]

3 Steps To Saltwater Success With Artificial Shrimp

D.O.A. Shrimp

Are you reluctant to make the switch from live shrimp to artificial shrimp? Try leaving the live bait behind for just one day, and pick up a few artificial shrimp from your local tackle shop instead. You may not want to make the switch back to live bait once you do. Why? The main advantage […]

Product Review: Columbia Women’s Drainmaker IV

columbia drainmaker shoes

In preparation for a fairly recent Bahamas offshore fishing adventure, I was gifted a pair of Columbia Drainmaker IV fishing shoes that typically cost around $85. I was pretty jazzed to try them out because I realized that my inshore kicks of choice weren’t going to cut it out on the bluewater. Which brings up […]

Winter Fly Fishing for Spanish Mackerel

spanish mackerel fishing photo

Whether you’re new to saltwater fly fishing or you’ve been casting feathers for years, winter presents a special opportunity to target Spanish mackerel in South Florida’s nearshore waters. Other game fish species tend to shut down when cold fronts pass through, meanwhile the feisty mackerel continues to actively feed. One of the benefits of pursuing […]

How To Catch Jumbo Jack Crevalle

jumbo jack crevalle

While many anglers snub the jack crevalle, considering the species as just another undesirable component in a saltwater trash can slam, you may want to experience the unwavering strength and stamina first-hand before you make any judgment of your own. If you learn how to land a jumbo jack crevalle that’s 10-pounds or more, your […]

Sight Fishing for Winter Redfish in Southwest Florida

While redfish can be caught year-round in Southwest Florida, the cooler winter months offer particularly good sight fishing opportunities for this copper-colored inshore game fish due to higher levels of water clarity. I can tell you from first-hand experience that there’s nothing quite like the excitement of scouting for a school, spotting the fish, and […]

3 Tips for Keeping Your Saltwater Fishing Bait Alive


When targeting certain saltwater species, such as snook or permit, you’ll often experience a much higher degree of fishing success if you rig your lines with active baits. So, what should you do when you experience challenges with keeping your saltwater fishing bait supply healthy and alive throughout the course of your day? Well, there […]

Which Saltwater Mangrove Spots to Fish?

fishing mangroves|snook-fishing-mangroves

Mangrove shorelines all tend to look pretty much the same, but having knowledge of bottom depth variations and how to hone in on areas where water flows through these important tropical trees will cue anglers in on some fantastic spots to fish. If you pay close enough attention, you’ll notice that some mangrove forests back […]