3 Tips for Keeping Your Saltwater Fishing Bait Alive


When targeting certain saltwater species, such as snook or permit, you’ll often experience a much higher degree of fishing success if you rig your lines with active baits. So, what should you do when you experience challenges with keeping your saltwater fishing bait supply healthy and alive throughout the course of your day? Well, there […]

Which Saltwater Mangrove Spots to Fish?

fishing mangroves|snook-fishing-mangroves

Mangrove shorelines all tend to look pretty much the same, but having knowledge of bottom depth variations and how to hone in on areas where water flows through these important tropical trees will cue anglers in on some fantastic spots to fish. If you pay close enough attention, you’ll notice that some mangrove forests back […]

How Saltwater Tides Affect Fishing


Tides can make or break your day on the water, so having an understanding of how saltwater tides affect fishing is essential if you want to be a successful angler. The most important point to remember is that if you want to catch fish, you need to have moving water. Knowing more about how tides […]

6 Reasons to Use the Turtle 8 Pocket Tool


When fishing from land or from a small boat with limited space to store gear, you have to think carefully about what to bring so that you don’t have a pile of tools and tackle to tote around. My friend Jamie gifted me a Turtle 8 Pocket-Tool from Quarrow (the company also makes Clip-On Cap […]

The One Sunscreen Mistake Not to Make

Winter, summer, spring or fall — no matter what season, the sun’s rays are still powerful enough to cause some serious damage if you spend any length of time outdoors. Most of us don’t have too much of a problem remembering to apply sunscreen to our faces and bodies, but we shouldn’t be forgetting our […]

How Changes in Barometric Pressure Affect Fishing


You have probably heard at least one story from a fellow angler who went out fishing just before a storm blew through and had a monumental day. Does this mean that changes in barometric pressure affect fishing? From my perspective, absolutely. So, let’s dig deeper to understand exactly what it is about fishing just before […]

6 Accessories Every Woman Boater Should Have

A lady never needs an excuse to accessorize — either on or off the water. In fact, when fishing or boating, a few extra bells and whistles can make life a lot easier. Here are six accessories we think every female boater should keep handy: 1. Boat cover. Boat covers help keep vessels looking great […]

Which Fishing Rod Is On Your Wish List?

I had the good fortune of catching up with the President of St. Croix Rods, Mr. Paul Schluter, during ICAST in Orlando. There certainly was quite a bit of buzz surrounding the Avid Pearl line of spinning rods, so it was my duty as a fisherwoman to investigate. Would it be just another “girlie” rod […]

Love Fishing but Hate the Smell?


If you’re like me, you’ve tried a variety of things including lemon, hand sanitizer, Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo and toothpaste in an effort to remove the fish odor from your hands after a day on the water. However, none of the above ever seemed to do anything but a mediocre job of getting rid […]

How About Fishing Line Clippers with Color?


I was gifted a set of pink Stainless Steel Lady Berkley Fishing Line Clippers while attending the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Workshop in Ocala. Three cheers for swag! I like that these clippers come with a lanyard, which makes them easy to toss around your neck and have handy when you need to quickly re-rig your […]