How the Snakehead Earned a Spot on Freshwater Bucket Lists

With a serpent-like body and voracious predatory instincts, the snakehead has become a source of curiosity and debate in the freshwater angling community. While the snakehead’s native range is limited to Africa, Asia, Malaysia, and Indonesia; two species of snakehead now have reproducing populations in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Florida as a result of illegal […]

5 Tips on Fishing Jerkbaits for Bass

bass fishing jerkbaits

If you talk to most any avid bass angler, they’ll tell you that fishing jerkbaits following a cold front can be a formula for big bass success in clear water conditions. Jerkbaits are a productive option in clear water when temperatures drop because they allow you to cover a vast area while also being one […]

Product Review: Columbia Women’s Drainmaker IV

columbia drainmaker shoes

In preparation for a fairly recent Bahamas offshore fishing adventure, I was gifted a pair of Columbia Drainmaker IV fishing shoes that typically cost around $85. I was pretty jazzed to try them out because I realized that my inshore kicks of choice weren’t going to cut it out on the bluewater. Which brings up […]

Fly Fishing For Largemouth Bass: How To Start

fly fishing for largemouth bass|largemouth bass on fly

If you haven’t tried fly fishing for largemouth bass, you’re missing out on a freshwater experience that just might convert you to a lifetime fan of the long rod. Contrary to popular belief, fly fishing isn’t only reserved for wader-clad trout aficionados who regularly navigate through the clear mountain streams of Wyoming or Montana. With […]

Fly Fishing For Florida’s Freshwater Exotics

  In the Florida fishing community, freshwater exotics are often viewed as the scrappy kids from the other side of the tracks. They tend to be overlooked when considered alongside of our many saltwater species. Or, snubbed by those who would much rather pursue our state’s official freshwater game fish, the Florida-strain largemouth bass. However, […]

Shoreline Bass Fishing Tips For Webb Lake

Shoreline Bass Fishing|

Florida shoreline bass fishing fans shouldn’t overlook the 395-acre man-made lake that is located on the Babcock/Webb Wildlife Management Area in Charlotte County. While a Daily Use Permit ($6 per vehicle) or Management Area Stamp is required to gain access, there is a fee station at the front entrance that is open to the public […]

How to Report Florida Trophy Bass Catches for Rewards

My grandfather encouraged my love of freshwater fishing when I was knee-high to a grasshopper. That said, I suppose it makes perfect sense that my passion for the sport led me to learn more about an incentive-based Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission program that launched in October of 2012 known as the TrophyCatch program. […]

What to Know About Fishing Points for Bass

Bass Fishing Points

Fishing points for bass can be one of the most productive freshwater fishing strategies regardless of the time of year or the body of water. Points are important structures that bass will almost always relate to because they provide key opportunities for feeding and serve as a highway between shorelines and open water. Although, in […]

Fundamental Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners

Unless you have a friend or family member who can give you some helpful advice, you might feel a bit confused about buying and selecting tackle for your first bass fishing adventure. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems. While experienced anglers will debate on tackle topics for hours, you’ll still have plenty […]

5 Practical Freshwater Fishing Gifts Under $100

bass fishing gifts|||bass-fishing-gifts

Whenever a holiday draws near, I get questions about the best fishing gifts to buy for freshwater anglers. While it may seem as if there is an overwhelming array of baits and fishing tools to choose from, there are a handful of essentials that anglers can always use. Check out this list of freshwater fishing […]