10 Holiday Fishing Gifts They Won’t Take Back

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Since the Shefishes2 gift list has become an annual thing in either blog or vlog form, I won’t let you down this year. In other words, I just can’t have you scrambling around trying to find last-minute holiday fishing gifts for your family members and friends that are likely go back to the store after […]

Product Review: Columbia Women’s Drainmaker IV

columbia drainmaker shoes

In preparation for a fairly recent Bahamas offshore fishing adventure, I was gifted a pair of Columbia Drainmaker IV fishing shoes that typically cost around $85. I was pretty jazzed to try them out because I realized that my inshore kicks of choice weren’t going to cut it out on the bluewater. Which brings up […]

7 Practical Product Picks From ICAST 2017


While the post-ICAST uproar over a pricey load out bucket continues, I’m contemplating the products that may not necessarily be new to the world’s largest sport fishing trade show, but that rank from a practicality standpoint. In other words, which handful of ICAST 2017 products offer useful features or benefits at reasonable price points given […]

Top ICAST 2016 Product Picks

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When you walk past booth after booth filled with the latest innovations in fishing gear, accessories and apparel during one the world’s largest annual sportfishing trade shows, you start to develop a keen sense for those items that might be best considered as angler baits, and those products which truly hold a degree of merit […]

5 Practical Freshwater Fishing Gifts Under $100

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Whenever a holiday draws near, I get questions about the best fishing gifts to buy for freshwater anglers. While it may seem as if there is an overwhelming array of baits and fishing tools to choose from, there are a handful of essentials that anglers can always use. Check out this list of freshwater fishing […]

The One Sunscreen Mistake Not to Make

Winter, summer, spring or fall — no matter what season, the sun’s rays are still powerful enough to cause some serious damage if you spend any length of time outdoors. Most of us don’t have too much of a problem remembering to apply sunscreen to our faces and bodies, but we shouldn’t be forgetting our […]

5 Resources You’ll Find Through the National Women Boaters Association


There’s a lot to love about fishing and boating. Even though my own personal love of boating is directly related to my passion for fishing, I still want to learn as much as I can about boating education and safety. Which is precisely why I was thrilled to find a website that features boating news, […]

Product Review: LifeProof Waterproof iPhone Case


I’ve tried other water resistant and waterproof iPhone cases and still ended up doing the rice bowl dip after my fishing adventures due to splashes. Yeah, well I’d much rather save the rice to eat along with my ahi tuna. Which is why I am so grateful that I came across the LifeProof iPhone Case. […]

Product Review: Essential Fishing Knots for Saltwater

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You might think you’re smooth because you finally perfected a roll cast with your new fly rod. And, don’t get me wrong, that is undoubtedly awesome, but was it you or the salesperson at your local fly shop who connected the backing to your fly reel, backing to your fly line, and fly line to […]

10 Fishing Apps You Should Download Now

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There was a time when I felt that all mobile devices should be stashed or stowed before heading off on a fishing trip. After all, isn’t the ability to unplug from the digital world one of the best things about fishing? I used to believe so. Although, a few of the latest fishing apps may […]